Danny Tucker

Danny served in Vietnam with Delta 4/31st 196th Light Infantry Brigade for 10 months carried an M79 grenade launcher. He then transferred to 48th Scout Dog Platoon, Americal as a dog handler walking point for infantry units.

A disabled veteran, Danny is married and lives Florida. His hobbies include black-powder hunting, fishing, building cars, genealogy and spending time with his 10 grandchildren.


In a land called Vietnam we learned how to fight.
We fought at the front and worked in the rear
with pain, uncertainness, courage and fear.
Bullets at the front and rockets in the rear
those were the things we had to fear.
But now it’s all over for you and for me;
Were home in America safe and free.
Free from their country but not from the war;
nightmares, flashback, anger, noises and more.
These are the things we now have to fight
most of the time alone in the night
Bullets that missed us now hit us instead,
our nights are filled with dreams of the dead.
Our family and friends, they don’t understand.
Were not the same person were not the same man.
Were home in America safe and free?