Jess Paul Tomey

Jess Tomey and Paul Kouns - 2000
Jess Tomey and Paul Kouns - 2000
Jess spent two-tours in the ‘Nam with the 277th CC&S Co. at Long Binh in support of the Armored Groups in III Corps. He drove 10-ton’s pulling “Draggin’ Wagons”, mostly hauling M-48’s and other tracks to and from the field to units like the 11th ACR and the 34th and 69th Armored.

Jess married his VA nurse, Carolyn, on Valentines Day, 2002 and is currently living the life of Riley in Point Pleasant, WV while Carolyn attends Rio Grande University across the river in Ohio. Jess and Carolyn plan to travel extensively after Carolyn obtains her RN degree next summer.

After getting out of the “Green Machine” in mid-1970s, Jess moved about the western states frequently and this is the area to which he intends to introduce Carolyn.

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