Jan Theuninck

Jan TheuninckJan, a Belgian painter and poet was born on June 7, 1954 in Zonnebeke, Belgium and now lives in Flanders Field. His father was interred in Stalag XB as a POW during WW2.

Although a native speaker of Dutch, he writes in French and occasionally English. His painting is abstract, falling somewhere between minimalism and monochrome expressionism. As a painter, he has been influenced by Ellsworth Kelly and Joan Miró. His work in both media is guided by his social and political convictions, dealing with topics such as colonialism old and new, mass and society, and pacifism.

Index of Writings

Wargasm: Painting ©Copyright 2001 by Jan Theuninck
Wargasm: “The psychanalysis of a warrior” ©Copyright 2001 by Jan Theuninck