Liam Telford

Liam Telford
Liam Telford: 2005

David Anthony Scott
Dave Scott: 2005
Liam was 15 years of age when he wrote this poem to honour his grandfather, Dave Scott who is an Australian Vietnam Veteran. Liam lives in Adelaide, South Australia and is the nephew of the IWVPA Webmaster, Anthony W. Pahl, who is very proud of him.


There once was a gallant soldier,
Who fought in Vietnam,
He fought for his freedom,
Not fortune, Not fame

He fought for both his life,
And the land in which he grew,
Not once did he falter,
He was among the noble few,

He witnessed countless horrors,
And stopped a great deal more,
He saved a million, billion lives,
And engaged in deadly war,

He received a silver medal,
And nightmares thereafter,
He married Anne, an Aussie lass
And became a great grandfather,

This is the story of a single man,
The greatest man of all,
A noble man above the rest,
A man who can stand tall,

I love you pop, I really do,
You are my hero, the one I praise,
You changed my life in many ways,
And so I write this poem for you……