James C. Taylor

James C. Taylor

James was born in Savannah GA, the city of intrigue, down in the low country amidst Southern Live Oaks, a stone’s throw from Moon River, and the sound of River Street Fog Horns. Cobble Stone Echoes reverberate through his life…

A writer for most of his life, James cites the major influences on his writings to be Hemingway, Bob Dylan, Kris Kristofferson, Dolly Parton, David Olney, Johnny Mercer, Camus, Lawrence Durrell, Lyn Yutang, Krishnamurti, Allan Watts, and Herman Hess.

Index of Writings

James C. Taylor: One Man's Journey“One Man’s Journey” is sensitive, touching poetry with haunting expressions found in “Sunset Image Pass Me By” and “Cobblestone Echoes” which convey the challenge of loneliness. Other pieces delight in life, such as “Cathy Colorado” and “Freedom Wave”. Some speak of intimacy and passion through the deep connection relationship brings when a man opens his heart to a woman’s love. “Don’t want to Sleep Tonight” and “Beginning of Love” are full of soul and poignancy.

Follow all the tributaries in this rare gem of a book. Then, Let these poems give safe harbor to your heart forever…