William B. Tarrance Osias

Jack Osias, the father of Lance Corporal William B. Tarrance Osias, forwarded this poem, “Forever Or A Day”, which was written by his son shortly before he was Killed In Action in Vietnam (The Wall: Panel 32W – Line 86) on February 22, 1969.


I lost a friend yesterday
Didn’t have time to stop and pray
Or even say, “Rest in Peace”
I wonder, will it ever cease?

Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is here
The morning sun brings a little cheer
But thinking of my friend who lies at rest
I can’t help wonder, which is best
To watch a friend die who once stood tall
Or to have never had a friend at all.

However lonely it may be
Without a friend for company
At least again I will never say:
“I lost a friend yesterday.”

But old man time marches on
And soon we tire of being alone
So natural optimists that we are
Always reaching for the unreachable star
WE let our heart control our mind
and very soon ourselves we find
Trying again and glad to say:
“I made a friend yesterday.”