Michael E. Tank


I am not afraid to die
At least that is what I tell myself
And over
At times I even believe it

For it is not really death that I fear
It is the change,
The unfamiliar,
The unknown
The regret of missing something yet undone
The loss of loved ones in my existence

After my course has been run
My trials and tribulations passed,
Or failed
Here in this life
As a good Christian
I should welcome death

But therein lies the crux
Just how good of a Christian am I
For does a good Christian
Have such doubts
And fears

My God is a forgiving God,
Or at least
That is what I have been told
If you ask for his mercy it will be given
As for my salvation
That may be my only hope

I am not afraid to die
Death is just the end
Of this natural process
After all
So many have gone before
It must be easy