Christopher Kelly Swanson
“Chris” aka “Rocker”

Christopher Kelly Swanson

Christopher Swanson: Celebrity Sins
“Celebrity Sins” by Chistopher Swanson
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Called to Serve by Diane Ganzer and Christopher Swanson
“Called to Serve” by Diane Ganzer and Chistopher Swanson: Click on book graphic for more information and purchase details
Born in St. Cloud, MN, Chris lived in Paynesville until he was twelve when his family moved to Grantsburg, WI, where the majority of his family and friends live. He has five children and has lived and worked in Luck, WI for the last eight years. Chris intends to keep on writing: “Celebrity Sins” is his first published book, and his poem, “Scars and Stripes”, won the Editor’s Choice Award twice, once in 2006 and again in 2008.

Currently, Steve is also working with a sweet gal named Diane Ganzer, who has written a book titled, “Called to Serve”. It is about an-18-year-old’s decision to join the Marine Corps. Steve has contributed his work to this book as well, and suffice to say, it has been snapped up rather quickly by veterans and others here in the states. Many letters of thanks have been received from these families and individuals.


Now look at what they’ve done
They took my only son
Shipped off to war
To see the horror
And die for everyone

Now look at what they did
This war where no one wins
With guns and bombs
The dads and moms
Pray for all our sins

Now look at what they said
This war must go ahead
To fight for others
Our sisters and brothers
Soon might all be dead

Now look at what they do
This nightmare can’t be true
If I’m just dreaming
Then why am I screaming
Till I’m red, white, and blue.