Terry D. Sutherland


IWVPA Club Recognition of Outstanding Non-War Related Writing: June 5, 2007
Awarded: June 5, 2007
We spawned a love in ecstasy
We were teens madly in lust
Always you were near to me
I knew I had your trust

Then one day it all died
Parting was a must
You said your hands were tied
Ending our days of trust

You left me for another
I’m sure you know I know
Actually it was your mother
That said I had to go

Both our hearts broke that day
Ending a teenage love
Leaving us to find our way
Without guidance from above

You met your mate and married
I stayed single, you know my pet
Your memory I’ve carried
Since the very day we met

It’s never ever too late, I know
To mend things if we can
There is always a chance for love to grow
Just a matter of how we plan

Your children are gone and married
Your life is quiet and free
Do you ever think you could carry
Another love affair with me?

I wonder if you think of me
As I think of you
I know it can never be
I know it can’t be true

We’ll never know, I guess
You don’t know I think of you
I know I will never confess
That I love you like I do