Terry D. Sutherland


IWVPA Club Recognition of Outstanding Non-War Related Writing: May 20, 2007
Awarded: May 20, 2007
He journeyed far on callused foot
Searching for the question: Why?
He found mans basic primordial root
Was nothing more than live and die

Still empty from the journey’s quest
“There must be more”, he said
I’ll put the maker to the grandest test
Are good and evil live or dead?

His journey continues, slower now
Good and evil matter not
It’s only toil and sweat of brow
He drew as his living lot

The journey ended as it began
The search for the question: Why?
For all the stars and the grains of sand
Man only lives and dies

Author’s Note: Thank you. While the award is a symbol of recognition for writing and poetry; it actually serves as an avenue of cohesion and the bond of beliefs and ideals shared by a unique collection of personalities. Not because the beliefs and ideals are the same, but because they are as diverse as the numbers of the group allow. Because of the high regard each has for the other a Henotheistic atmosphere exists where each has his beliefs, and his God, and at the same time accepts the beliefs of others and their own God as well. In this light the symbol of recognition has much greater significance by recognizing the meaning and value of those pieces and the person who wrote them. Therefore the honor for me is much greater than the award’s purpose. Thank you very much for the opportunity to dwell among the very best.

Sans Peur
Terry: May 20, 2007