Terry D. Sutherland


I’m done writing dark morose
Everyone’s had a sufficient dose
Now it’s on to happy things
All the best our life can bring

Puppies bring a smile or two
Love and laughter for me and you
A child’s smile makes hearts sing
Proposals offering a diamond ring

What if the proposal is refused?
The child won’t smile if confused
No love and laughter for me and you
Puppies piddle and leave piles of doo

There is no best our life can bring
There are no other happy things
All should have a sufficient dose
Give equal time to dark morose

No, No, I have to say
Dark days must go away
Bag the doo with a scoop
Give the diamond to a charity group

Put a smile on a child’s face
Find all that’s good and full of grace
Love and laugh it’s contagious
Do the best; be outrageous