Terry D. Sutherland


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: May 5, 2008
Awarded: May 5, 2008
You came to visit again last night
You were as real as real could be
I know I watched you fall in the fight
You were only a few feet from Bobby and me
I saw you fall; I know I did
You never got up again
Bobby and I jumped in the hole and hid
Knowing we left a good friend
I see that you never aged
The battle was forty years past
Bobby is gone – he died in his sleep
And I’m just a shell of a man
My hair is gray and thin
I walk with the aid of a stick
I still miss you my friend
Even though I’m old and sick
During your visit you said
That in spirit you never left
Only your body was gone
That your memory would survive time’s test
It’s true, I think of you often
I wish you were with us again
There is nothing worldly to soften
The anguish in the loss of a friend