Terry D. Sutherland


San Patricio Battalion
The San Patricio Battalion comprised a group of Irish soldiers who deserted the US army for Mexico during the US-Mexican War
O, San Patricio what have you done?
You’ve forsaken your comrades with Santa Anna’s gun
With Santa Anna’s army you’ve thrown in your lot
Now you parish at the hand of Winfield Scott
You’ve deserted your comrades for love of the Pope
Now you hang at the end of a hangman’s rope

O, San Patrick’s Battalion of men
In Mexico City you fought to defend
Chapultepec Castle near Molino Del Rey
A fateful battle you fought that day
Your parcel of land you will never see
A free citizen of Mexico you will never be

O, San Patricio you fought hard and lost
Your lives in battle the final cost
Cannons and muskets and artillery sword
There was no time for your final word
You will never see your homeland again
You will never again fight to defend