Terry D. Sutherland


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: September 24, 2007
Awarded: September 24, 2007
The month of November
Always brings tears
For those who remember
Although, it’s been forty years

On a hill called eight seven five
An under strength battalion fought
Early the nineteenth they started their drive
They didn’t know the number the NVA brought

A hill trap maneuver caught them halfway
They could not advance; could not go back
Another battalion was on the way
Twenty four hours later they started attack

On the first night a Marine Phantom Jet
Was misdirected and took forty two away
Another forty five wounded waiting to be met
While the other battalion kept NVA at bay

On a nondescript hill in five long nights
One hundred fifty eight members of the 173rd
Died in Dak To in the bloodiest firefight
The Herd’s many wounded waited for birds

While sixteen hundred and forty four
NVA Regulars lay dead on the hill
The small patch of real estate cost us more
Than any other battle on any one hill

Remember November and the Sky Soldiers then
The Herd’s dead soldiers who died on eight seven five
Drink a quiet toast to the Herd’s brave men
And be thankful for those brave soldiers still alive

©Copyright September 21, 2007 by Terry D. Sutherland