Terry D. Sutherland


Convoying to Kontum
To set up a T O C
An ambush just at noon
A B-40 hit truck three

The truck was just ahead of us
The convoy had to stop
Charlie was running alongside of us
When mortars began to drop

All three of us jumped out
Of our stalled three-quarter ton
“Get down”, I heard someone shout,
“Bobby, where the hell is your gun?”

Willy and I were flat on the ground
Shooting at Charlie on the run
I heard the smack, of the AK round
I heard Bobby yell, “I’m done”

Holding his bleeding wrist
Bobby yelled, I’ve been shot
“Ain’t this a hell of a twist
For the short time left I got”

In the distance a Gatling groans
The attack was quickly done
Bobby yelled, “I get to go home,
Where the hell is my gun?”

In minutes Bobby was on a bird
Wounded, but smiling as he waved
You’re going home we all assured
We’re just glad his life was saved