Terry D. Sutherland


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: April 16, 2007
Awarded: April 16, 2007
A silent stroll one night in the darkness of my mind
Brought contemplation of a purpose I thought that I might find
For sixty years of walking; I haven’t learned much in that time
I know somehow my purpose wasn’t to know war’s filth and grime

I should drum out a stern warning as often as I can
I should stand on my soap box; preach to every man
That any war is useless, a practice we need to ban
Taking lives is senseless just too advance some virulent plan

Take a walk in your own mind; carefully sort your thoughts
See with reason an awakening; firmly carve a spot
For contemplating purpose; see what mental wonder wrought
Embroider in every mind why foolish wars are fought

Educate your brothers and members of your clan
Have them compass a steady course for peace in every land
Finally end forever futile battles fought for sand
War was never part of the Maker’s master plan