Mckenzie Sunday

Mckenzie Sunday is a veteran of the 3rd Battalion, 27th Marine Regiment in Vietnam. Mckenzie’s wife, Janet who is legally blind, dictated the words to “Am I a Vet?” to him.

Webmaster’s Note: It is with great sadness that I advise of the passing of McKenzie Sunday on November 26, 2006. Janet, his wife, wrote a message in the IWVPA Guestbook, which, in part, I hereby quote: “Mckenzie Sunday passed away November 26, 2005. He served his country with honor and pride, and got nothing in return. Thank you for this site: my husband’s words are here for all to see and to validate his life.”


I remember the white sand, the heat and the sun;
Being afraid, being happy and being so young.
The memory of smells, in the dawns silky chill,
of incense and strange woods as we passed through a ville;
the murmurs of the old ones, the cry of a child,
a strange sadness, tired, without a smile.

Step after step, can’t help but think,
of the young boy last morning, alone on the brink.
Was he in heaven, could he still think,
or was it just nothing, up over the brink?
What was the image when he heard the sharp click?
Did time slow down, or did it go quick?

Then you would wonder; did mother know of son?
Had enough time passed to be told he was gone?
Perhaps she was fixing supper, or sitting alone,
were there thoughts of her baby, so far from home?
To that broken hearted lady, may I be permitted to say?
No doubt you will see him, again,
on that blessed morning, on that blessed day.

You will awaken in heaven no longer old and gray.
There, standing before you, in his perfect new norm
your handsome young man, what a wonderful form.
I think tears will not come, because it will seem,
your suffering was but a moment, a thought… a dream.
I believe there are no tears in heaven, except from the Son,
and they are tears of happiness, when his children come home.