Robert K. Suchke

Lieutenant Colonel: United States Army Special Forces (Retired)

Bob retired in 1992 after more than 23 years active duty including 13 years with SF. Prior to that he served in the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, 101st Airborne Division (L Co Rangers) in Vietnam, Ranger Department, Mountain Ranger Camp as a Ranger Instructor, 25th Inf Division, 98th Division (Advisor) and his last tour of duty was at the Pentagon as Chief of Special Forces Branch in DCSOPS. While in SF, he served with Special Warfare Center, 5th SF Group and 1st SF Group. He commanded 1st Battalion, 1st Special Forces Group on Okinawa from 87-90.

Robert E. Suchke: The CreationTHE CREATION

… And the Lord spake forth unto the heavens
and said, “let there be Airborne.”
The earth then did tremble and quake
and the waters did rise up
and the clouds did part
and there came forth
a multitude of parachutes that filled the sky.
God looked down and saw this was good.
And they were good; they were AIRBORNE.

God then spake forth unto the land and said:
“Let there be Rangers.”
And all at once the day turned into darkness,
and the winds did howl,
and mountains crumbled into the sea,
and the great rocks did part,
and there sprang forth
a horde of Mephistopheles’ disciples
wearing Ranger tabs and
carrying all sorts of deadly weapons.
God looked down and saw that this was bad.
And they were bad; they were RANGERS.

Then God spoke forth thrice,
unto the sky, the earth, and the sea, and said:
“Let there be Special Forces.”
Lightning did flash and thunder echoed across the sky. Mountains
spewed molten rock and rained fire upon the land.
Tidal waves surged against the shore.
Despair, disorder and turmoil did prevail.
Forthwith, there did appear
a band of twelve extraordinary men.
A few came from beneath the waves;
others jumped from the sky;
and more still stalked silently from the dense forests.
Each one was in camouflage battle dress,
wearing a Green Beret.
Working together, they brought peace unto the land.
God looked down and saw that this was amazing.
And they were amazing;

Besides himself,
God now spake forth again and commanded:
“Let all ye that be weak in mind and body,
arise and go forth.”
And lo, from the abyss
they crawled forward with indecision
and limped meekly upon the earth.
God looked down and shook His head,
for this was pathetic.
And they were pathetic; they were LEGS.

Author’s Note: I wrote the above verse or passage in 1977 and later added the Special Forces portion in 1981 after showing the original to an SF Colonel (Colonel David Pemberton, Director of DTD) at Fort Bragg. He suggested write a verse about SF, so I did. I am pleased to see it on your website and you may publish it as you see fit, but just give me credit for writing. The poem appears on many websites without any credit and is usually modified or appended