Mike Subritzky

when it ended…

when it ended…
you gave me that cuddly, furry, little critter,
(Ursus arctos) that you were holding,
the very first time we met,
and you were hospital bound.

when I asked you his name
you replied “spunky trunks.”

well spunky trunks
learnt weapon handling, drill, PT,
rescue, CPR, sucking chest wounds,
and a whole bunch of other really, really,
important military stuff.

long years later,
i still have spunky trunks,
but i don’t have you.

looking back…
if there hadn’t been that first night,
if there hadn’t been Ursus arctos,
if there hadn’t been my question,
… then there would never have been spunky trunks
… and you.

Written for the March 2007 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Anthropomorphic