Mike Subritzky


R – Is for the Regiments who fight the winning fight, and
H – is for the home fires that Rhodesians burn so bright
O – O is for the Officers and Other Ranks as well, and
D – is for the diehards who would even fight in hell.
E – is for the enemy who just won’t ever win, and
S – is for the spirits of our men that won’t grow dim,
I – is for the Independence that we all must share, and
A – is for the Arms that we will always have to bear…

Well the first word in Rhodesia is Rhodes,
‘cause that’s the name that everybody knows…

It may be as Rhodesian as our flag of white and green,
but the last word in Rhodesian is Ian (Smith).

A song and poem that was taught to us Kiwi’s by members of the Rhodesian Women’s Army Corps at Brady Barracks in Bulawayo. 1979

Submitted by Mike Subritzky
NZATMC: Operation Tangent ~ Rhodesian War 1979-80