Mike Subritzky


No longer do I have to suffer your venom
your self righteousness and all sweeping statements,
and never once an apology to anyone.
… why not?
Because you state that you never apologise to anyone.
… Fool you.
You said: “Bullets or rounds as we called them,
only crack when one is close enough to hear them,
many are not heard at all, normally due to being too high, or wide
… and I said: “Yeah Right.”
Then you said: “The thump one hears, at the first graze,
is when the round strikes or hits something.
Better the crack than the thump.
It is a sort of ‘wet thump’ when it hits a man
and a duller thump when it hits sandbags.
They clatter against iron.
But whizzing overhead… I have no problem with that
… and I said: “Yeah Right.”

Then I said: “The “crack” is the supersonic piece of metal
being propelled inches above ones head.
The “thump” is not the round hitting the trees my friend,
but rather the exact position where the shot was fired from.”

Then you said a whole lot of other Odious stuff.
… and I said: “Crap!”

… Then Duncan Long said: “Sometimes you’ll face an enemy
that manages to stay hidden and starts firing at you from concealment.
Rather than just spray the area around you with fire
(and waste precious ammunition),
use the military’s “crack and thump” to locate the freebooters.

Here’s how it “crack and thump” works.
A combat rifle makes two sounds: the sound of the gas
vented out of the barrel (the “thump”) and the sonic boom
of the bullet as it breaks the sound barrier (the “crack”).

Since the bullet is travelling faster than sound,
first you’ll hear the bullet’s crack and then the thump
of the firearm’s muzzle discharge.
These two sounds will give you an invisible arrow
that points toward the shooter’s position.
To find the distance, you can count--5 counts
per second--from the time you hear the crack
until you hear the thump. Multiply the number you counted
times 100 and you get the yards the enemy is from you.
Once you have the direction and distance,
it should be possible to find your enemy’s position and blast him out.

… then You said: “Who the hell is Duncan Long???

Duncan Long is an internationally recognized author of over seventy books that have gone into print. He has seen thirteen novels published (with HarperCollins and Avon). Long’s firearms and chemical/biological warfare books are in the private libraries of the CIA, US Marines, FEMA, and other US agencies as well as the private library of at least one foreign embassy and the EPC (Emergency Planning, Canada). The FBI has requested that his books be sent to their FTU (Firearms Training Unit) at Quantico.

… Then I said: “Don’t bother to apologise, you can live with your ignominy!”

Submitted for the May 2006 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Odium