Mike Subritzky

NZATMC AP Lima: Rhodesian War

Well it’s like this Kiwi.
This fuckin’ war is all about choices
you can fly in or you can drive in
it’s up to you.
If you fly in by chopper
be aware that the fuckin’ commos
have got SAM’s
and they’re fuckin’ good
last year they brought down a
Viscount and killed 30 civilians
up near Kariba, they fuckin’ culled
the ten survivors – including the kids.
Then again Kiwi you can drive in,
but you need a ‘shotgun’
one troopie drives and the other
operates the machine gun.
Even then you still have a choice
you can drive fast and avoid the
ambushes… the commos normally
set them up on corners and hit
soft targets… you know mum,
dad and the kids off to do the
weekly shopping. Or you can
drive slow and watch out for
mines… but hey, if you’re looking
out for mines, remember, the commos
are gonna use your pretty white crosses
for an aiming mark.

So there you go Kiwi, those are your
choices, and remember this,
here in Rhodesia…
Every Road’s A Minefield!
Every Corner’s an Ambush!
And Every Af’s a Terr!

Good luck, and keep your fuckin’ head down!