Mike Subritzky


My eyes catch you and we greet,
you are stunning and easy on the eyes.
I kiss you cheek to cheek and move close to you
I move to hold you and my hand instead glances your breast
I kiss you again and your nipple becomes erect.

I apologise and you smile at me
we are always friends
but the magic betrays both of us.
You smile at me still holding your breast
and answer that your wounded with
cancer right breast is your “Stars and Stripes”.

We disengage: I am aroused…
What the hell happened?
We’re long serving friends…
You purchase me a white flat coffee,
and then we discuss Messines, in Belgium.

The war is long cold over,
but the fact that Kiwi poems
are finally being recited propels
New Zealand into its own history.
D reads one of my poems at Talbot House…

The New Zealand Embassy, Deputy Head,
Charge d’ Affaires Paul Ash recites “Spirit of ANZAC.”
I thank her for everything and the day ends…
What the hell just happened.