L.B. Strawn


“In memoriam” lest we forget
American hostages, and yet,
Have we not forgotten many more
Who fought in an undeclared war?

I speak of the veterans of Vietnam.
Much to our sorrow, chagrin and shame,
We have forgotten many gallant men
Who fought and died “way back then”.

We didn’t welcome, nor share the grief,
Of those who fought through their belief
In the “good old American way of life”,
Which brought many a man through mortal strife.

Now, we’ve forgotten that they have needs,
Just as we forgot their heroic deeds,
For many wanted to forget the sin
Of a “holding action”, not a “war to win”.

I love my country and am willing to die
With other Americans who are willing to try
To preserve our freedom, with utmost care,
Through trial and suffering, our part to bear.

But never, never, no never again,
Should we send our gallant fighting men
Into a war designed for loss…
The burden they bore was too great a cross.

Now – let our government recognition give,
And, in our hearts let the memory live
Of those who died, or suffered, or gave
In any way, our heritage to save.

And never let it happen again
That we forget our fighting men…