L.B. Strawn


Veteran’s day – a time to remember
Those who have served this country well;
This eleventh day of every November;
We appreciate them more than we can tell.

Many have given their all, their life,
To keep this great land free.
All have suffered war’s hellish strife
That America should not be forced to her knee.

When we recall all those brave
Courageous men of yesteryear,
How they fought and died to save
Our country, it brings a silent prayer,

That, someday soon those who lead
The countries of the world
Will find the germinating seed
Of love, and may it’s banner be unfurled.

Oh, could it be that they could live
Each day with love as their guide,
Then, to the earth, they could give
Freedom, prosperity and pride.

But, as long as tyranny is at the rein,
And power the ever-consuming goal,
We will know the sorrow and the pain
Of that poor, giving and dying soul –