L.B. Strawn


Now the “Desert Storm” is over;
The clouds are beginning to lift.
Will the sunshine bring fields of clover,
As the storm clouds are set adrift?

The dark clouds will not dissipate
As quickly as they had begun.
The clouds of fear, of dread and hate,
Will still obscure the rays of the sun.

But, God has blessed and some have returned,
Others, we pray, will follow soon.
But, has his lesson, this madman learned?
Does he know the notes of freedom’s tune?

Nay, the storm is now on his own,
One that his evilness has inflicted.
Yea, the clouds of disaster have been blown;
The lives of his people destroyed or restricted.

May the soft winds of spring scatter this storm
So the destructive forces of death will cease.
May the rays of the sun, soft and warm,
Bring to that land a welcome peace.