L.B. Strawn


“Let freedom ring” across this land,
“From sea to shining sea”.
To let it ring, we must understand,
This nation must stay free.

We cannot tread on other’s rights,
Nor spoil their pursuit of happiness,
Those things in which their soul delights:
If, their pursuits, the Lord would bless.

This nation was founded on belief in God
As being our great creator and Lord.
For freedom to ring (it isn’t odd)
We must maintain it through His word.

We must not bow to willful sin,
Nor to the willful breaking of law,
Or, this nation’s demise will soon begin;
In that there would be a disastrous flaw.

Let us show our respect to others;
Our differences should never lead to a fuss.
We should be a nation of sisters and brothers,
As others, then, learn a respect for us.