L.B. Strawn


The “Desert Storm” has, now, begun
And the bombs are raining steadily down,
From moon to moon and from sun to sun,
To stop this mad man who wishes renown.

Soon the winds of destructive armor
Will sweep across that wayward nation,
To add to the deafening bombing clamor,
To cleanse the land near the seat of creation.

My prayer has been, and ever will be,
That God be with all of our men,
And, give our leaders the wisdom to see
This must be a “war to win”.

May all of the people of the U. S. A.
Back our men with all of their heart;
Every day, through all of the way,
Through conflict bittersweet and tart.

We asked not for this unwanted war!!
It was brought on by that “tyrant”.
By invading Kuwait, He went too far;
His actions despicable and arrogant

Now our gallant warriors fight,
Since he has rejected the UN’s plea.
Now must that wrong be made right
That the Kuwaiti people might be free.

And may the world look beyond
To nations living in peaceful harmony.
To freedom’s call, may we all respond,
That all may be freed from tyranny.

There must be governments with laws that are just
To protect all those who want to do right;
Those who put, in those laws, their trust;
Those, who, through those laws, can unite

Yes, may the world look beyond the storm
To freedom’s clear and sparkling light
The greatest benefit to man perform;
Freedom from tyranny, war and blight.