L.B. Strawn


Mr. President, may I request,
If our men must go to war,
Though it be a herculean test,
Let them win - not as before.

For, in Korea and Vietnam
They were fighting so gallantly,
But, to our everlasting shame,
Were held short of their destiny.

Not once has a foreign enemy
Fought on our mainland soil,
Since we won our hard sought liberty
Through bloody conflict and toil.

Oft we’ve defended freedom’s star;
Only twice in wars “not to win”.
Not allowing victory, they were pushed too far;
That has been our greatest sin.

I truly believe, in my heart,
“Peace activists doves” are enemies, within.
Mis-led and mis-guided, they’ve done their part
To bring about that awful sin.

When Jane Fonda, the communist’s lover,
And her traitor husband, Tom Hayden,
With others, fed many the communist clover,
With this crime, they were heavily laden.

Now it comes to Saddam Hussein,
Who thinks of us as “that great Satan”.
These peace-loving cowards give me a pain
From their rhetoric I have eaten.

I staunchly defend your “Desert Shield”,
And trust that war won’t have to come,
But, to errant doves, do not yield,
Or, without a shot, bring our men home.

Will these soft headed doves ever know
That, someday the fighting may be at home?
“Over there” we must strike freedom’s blow,
Or that day most surely come.