L.B. Strawn

D-DAY: JUNE 6, 1944

Two years to the day, after the Battle Of Midway.
Normandy is the place I will mention.
For sure we didn’t forget the Pacific, but yet,
The war in Europe would command great attention.

General Ike had amassed an army so vast –
Three million men assembled to attack
The shores of France, from there to advance
And drive those stubborn Nazis back.

D-Day it was called, as our men walked or crawled
On the beaches below the fortified height.
We lost valiant men, by the hundreds, but then
The army fought on with all of its might.

Their progress was slow, being held down below,
But after a time their bravery won out.
They continued their drive, hoping just to survive,
While, to freedom’s cause they remained devout.

Other tales I could divulge, like the battle of the bulge,
And the bravery that was also shown there.
Let me hasten to say, the importance of D-Day,
Is almost beyond compare.

Without that beachhead, where so many lay dead,
Having given their lives for freedom’s flame,
There could be no advance through the forests of France.
And no victory could they ever claim.

But, in memory we gaze, as Old Glory, they raise,
Then in silent prayer, we pause.
Our heartfelt thanks we give to those Yanks
Who fought for our country’s cause.