L.B. Strawn


Two small coral islands of only two square miles
Dot the Pacific, which is so tremendously vast.
Yet there was the turning point of the war with Japan.
Yes, the future of all battles, right there was cast.

From June second to the sixth of nineteen forty-two
A battle raged at this place called Midway.
The Japs didn’t know we had cracked their code
So they thought they’d, again, surprise the U. S. of A.

But knowing their plans gave our Navy the advantage,
As they launched their planes and away they flew.
Four carriers along with most of their planes
Were destroyed, while our losses were comparatively few.

That battle would shorten the war somewhat
The navy had completed a magnificent task.
But all of the pilots and the crews on the ships
Were not ready, in their glory, to bask.

Three more years of heartbreaking war
Was to come ere they could claim true victory
But let it be known by all the world –
We Americans applaud their staunch bravery.

To all the men who served in World War, Two
With gratitude in my heart, let me hasten to say,
We Salute all who served to keep our freedom,
As we remember those who fought the