L.B. Strawn


9/11 has awakened the spirit
Of patriotism across our land.
To terrorists, “listen, you can hear it,
As together, ‘united we stand.’ “

The loss and grief was tragic indeed
But instead of ducking or cowering,
The effect of this cowardly deed
Has sent our spirit towering.

To those who would try to break us
By killing all those innocent people,
“Your cowardliness will only take us
To the top of the patriot steeple.”

“You have seen our steadfastness already,
In the country of Afghanistan.
No matter how far, our aim is steady,
To eradicate you from your worldly clan.

The USA has helped many a nation
To arise from poverty and to excel.
Then to be hated, causes consternation
To those, who in peace, would dwell.

Many good people throughout the world
Are hoping for the terror to end;
That freedom’s flag can be unfurled,
That people of all nations might blend.

So, our determination will never waver
Until freedom’s flame covers the land
Then people every where can savor
That freedom instead of terror’s hand.