John A. Stovall

John, Senior System Analyst with Information Resources, Client/Server group at Tarleton State University, lives with his wife Jeanne in the old/new house built in 1884 in Dublin, Texas with some 3,000 books, art, antiques and the cat, Nuggie. He is Vice President of the Dublin Historical Society, Vice President of Erath County Historical Society and is a member of the Dublin Public Library Board. More information about John can be found on his website located at http://

Nelson Payne TuttleNELSON

I’m tired of seeing your name on walls.
The big black one was bad enough.
Now this one.
I knew it was coming.
I helped to put it there.
At the Fair, we saw the model.
I gave the VFW lady twenty dollars.
She gave me a paper gold star.
It was the only star by your name.
I started crying.
Now here’s your name carved in good red Texas granite,
On another wall.
I would rather see it on Christmas cards,
Birth announcements, letters, or your mailbox.
No one ever told us we could end up just names on walls.
I am tired of seeing your name on walls.

Texas Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Penned upon the dedication of the Texas Vietnam Veterans Memorial, 11 November 1989