James B. Stone

James Stone was born in Reading, PA on February 28, 1948… at a very young age. He graduated with the High School Class of 1967, Cathedral High in Denver, Colorado and enlisted in the US Navy on December 13, 1967 for the Navy Nuclear Power School and later volunteered for Submarine duty.

His time in Project SHAD was spent aboard the USS Granville S. Hall, YAG-40, and the main Lab Ship for Project SHAD (Shipboard Hazard And Defense). During that time, the ship mostly operated 50 to 200 miles out to sea, South of Hawaii. The Hall was re-home-ported to Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay in late 1969, and was involved in Bio-Chemical Warfare Testing 35 to 50 miles West of San Francisco, near the Farallon Islands.

After Stone left the USS Granville S. Hall, or “Granny” as she was called… even had a black and white “refueling flag” with Whistler’s Mother depicted on it… he was sent to Mare Island, California and then to NRTS at Idaho Falls, Idaho. He never made it to the Nuclear Fleet.

After falling ill, he was discharged, but not until after being threatened with being sent to Vietnam to serve on a Swift Boat or PBR for allegedly “faking” his illness; this despite having signed “secrecy documents” which forbade him EVER speaking about the nature of his service did under threat of Federal Prison. In his words, “What are they going to do, kill me AGAIN?”

Stone was honorably discharged from the U.S. Navy on November 10, 1970 after serving only 2 years, 10 months, and 29 days of his original 6-year enlistment. His discharge papers show NOTHING about having served on the Hall or in Project SHAD. When his Senator, Conrad Burns, acquired Stone’s military personnel records, Stone found that he had been “discharged for physical disabilities”… with NO Severance pay… a fact of which he was unaware for over 30 years.

Stone now lives in Whitefish, Montana and currently has a VA Disability Claim in progress which includes a listing of 28 physical ailments. He has had four heart operations since June, 2002.

Stone states, “To this day, I have NOT received adequate medical care or ANY compensation for the injuries I sustained at the hands of a Government gone mad… 33 years ago!”


I know LOTS of hollow men.
They sit back in Congress,
And they make our laws,
They command the Armies,
They give death its Jaws,
They’d feed you SHAD and crumpets,
Into your gaping Maws,
Until the day they stumble forth,
Proclaiming, “That’s just the way it was!”

“This is the way the world ends.
This is the way the world ends.
This is the way the world ends.
Not with a bang but a whimper.”

From T.S. Elliot’s “The Hollow Men”

For information about the nature of Project SHAD, visit these websites

The following is a letter I sent to the White House on Veterans Day, 2002

Veterans Day, 2002
To Whom It May Concern:

I, James Bradley Stone, as a Project 112 and Project SHAD Veteran, United States Citizen, and Montana State Voter, do hereby request punitive action against the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs because of their blatant disregard for the welfare and their service of the American people. These Federal Bureaucracies continue to ignore the lawful oversight of the Congress as well. They must be brought under control and made to perform according to their lawful charters.

The DoD and VA are purposely blockading the declassification and reporting of pertinent data that would result in Medical, Compensation and Pension actions for thousands of veterans. Project SHAD veterans have waited 30 to 40 years to receive relief for the physical, mental and sociological damages they have suffered because of their involuntary participation in wantonly unlawful and carelessly executed ABC Warfare experiments from 1962 to 1972. There is no excuse for the DoD and VA’s overlooking crucial health concerns such as cross-contamination, non-existent safety equipment and training, and ineffectual decontamination. They continue to operate under the callous presumption that because they do not choose to consider these factors, they simply do not exist. It does not require medical or legal expertise to determine that to be patently false.

The VA’s presumption that there are no long-term consequences for SHAD veterans is a huge lie. The facts and evidence do not support their statements. Sadly, Project SHAD has already caused severe ailments and the premature deaths of many veterans and their children. SHAD survivors and their descendants continue to suffer a multitude of untreated physical and mental ailments only because it serves the convenience of the Federal Government. Relieving the consciences of the agents who have caused these circumstances by authorizing their ongoing malfeasance is a crime. If there was no danger from our exposure to highly carcinogenic and mutagenic Chemical and Biological Warfare Agents, Nuclear Contaminants and Radiation, then why has the Congress authorized the President to wage war on other nations that seek to utilize the very same substances? The notion that we are merely expendable ciphers when our nation is carrying out an immense international campaign to rid the world of those who would “gas their own people” is ludicrous!

On behalf of all SHAD Veterans, their families, descendants and survivors, I demand the immediate dismissal and replacement of those who have flagrantly violated numerous International and United States Laws by creating and then denying the existence of these programs. By delaying and distorting the facts regarding Project SHAD and 112, these agents of the United States prolong serious injury by having used honorable veterans as Human Test Rats and then denying their claims for medical attention and monetary compensation.

SHAD Veterans have repeatedly suffered humiliation and degradation at the hands of VA Administrators, Adjudicators, and Physicians who seek only to deny and delay their lawful claims on the basis of faulty and incomplete data from the DoD and improper execution of their duties. No reasonable party would deny that we have honored our commitment to keep the secrets of Special Operations and that now we deserve the TRUTH, RELIEF and COMPENSATION for our involvement in Project SHAD.

Do not delay. Now that the Federal Government is making a weak effort to document what we have said for decades, the needs of SHAD Veterans MUST be addressed otherwise many more will suffer untimely deaths and their families will be left with the painful remembrance that their Country has deserted them.


ETN-2, USS Granville S. Hall, YAG-40, 1969, Project SHAD
James Bradley Stone
900 Wisconsin Avenue #16,
Whitefish, Montana 59937