Richard A. Stender

Dick is a retired US Army Warrant Officer (CW4) and has written many patriotic verses. Each year for the past ten years, he has officiated at his community Memorial Day and Veterans Day programs.


This cloth that shields our fallen comrade,
This banner that we fold,
This emblem of our nation makes a pledge
That must be told.

Our flag now speaks for all of us,
Hearken! Hear it tell,
“Thank You for defending me,
Good-Bye, my friend, sleep well.”

And when you’re asked by spirits past,
“Are we forgotten yet?”
Please, tell them that we honor them,
And pledge never to forget!

“Tho’ the memories of your service,
May seem to wane and lag,
I’ll e’er be here to say Farewell”
That’s the Promise of Your Flag.

Author’s Note: Our local VFW post assists at the funerals and burials of veterans in our community. While on the way to a funeral, in which we would have no bugler, I wrote the following verse to be recited while my comrades folded the flag for presentation to the family. It was written in 1998 and has been recited and presented to approximately 75 families since. It is also displayed in many of the schools in our area and read each Memorial Day. I would like to share it with my fellow veterans.