I.H. Stamford


As I gaze across the water
from a land so wild and far
thinking of my home folks
and wondering just how they are

As I think of dear old Mother
and I know she thinks of me
and of my two younger brothers
who is some where on the sea

But Mother dear you need not fear
we are true Australian sons
we’re happy when were drinking beer
or shooting up the Huns

And it strikes me the Japanese
is only boys play
we fought them from the Islands
from New Guinea and from Lae

And Mother dear a little more
that I am telling you
soon we’ll be back in Singapore
and you mark my words it’s true

The invasions just about to start
we’ll soon be on our way
we’ll show those little almond eyes
Australian troops don’t play

We’re going into action
and we’re going in to win
we’ll clean up all those almond eyed
and little mustard skins

So Mother dear you need not fear
for I’ll be quiet OK
but I must bid you all farewell
before I go away