I.H. Stamford


Onward goes Australian sons
by tender, boat and train
onward goes Australian sons
to victory once again

While we were in our childhood
our Anzacs fought and died
now today we tread the soil
where those Anzac’s bodies lie

They won the day through slush and blood
as we intend to do
we’ll tramp the soil those Anzac’s trod
those who sees it through

We’ll climb the Owen Stanley Range
as the Anzac’s climbed Gallipoli
we’ll lift the flag as the Anzacs did
on recaptured territory

Some went into Palestine
some to Jerusalem
some has gone back home on leave
and some to Kingdom come

But no matter where our boys might go
we’ll hear their marching feet
the Army, Navy and Airmen
marching through the streets

So its onward goes Australian sons
by air by land and sea
onward goes Australian sons
to peace and victory

We’ll fly an undefeated flag
like our Anzacs in passed years
we’ll gaze at that victorious flag
and give three hearty cheers

It’s ours, we own it, we won it;
at the cost of many lives
and broken-hearted mothers
and broken-hearted wives

So let us stand beneath the flag
with our family and our wives
and salute those grand old colours
and the boys who gave their lives