I.H. Stamford


We travelled down those roads
we travelled night and day
and when at last we did get rest
we write, “Dear Mum I am ok”

They packed us up with rations
and sent us on our way
and from somewhere in Australia
we write, “Dear Mum I am ok”

We trudged across those slushy swamps
where white man has never trod
with our rifles and our kitbag
up to our knees in mud

We passed our mates who met their fate
by shots that went their way
as we are still heading into battle
we write, “Dear Mum I am ok”

No matter how the boys might feel
or what happened through the day
they still put in their letters
“Dear Mum I am ok”

At times there is letters written
before they pass away
and they are posted by their comrades:
“Dear Mum I am ok”

And when our writing days are over
and no letter goes your way
its a well known fact to mothers
their sons are not ok

Should you fail to get a letter
and time passes day by day,
then ask God to protect him
wherever he might lay