Nancy L. Spoerke

A supporter of the military in one way or another for much of her life, including as a military spouse over 20 years, and as the mother of a son who, while a member of the US Army, served in Bosnia and Iraq, Nancy has continually researched post traumatic stress since her son’s return from active service.

An active member of Silver Star Families of America, Special Kindness In Packages (founded by her daughter), Blue Star Mothers, and a PTS support group, Nancy strives to reignite patriotism in the public through daily messages in MAY (Military Appreciation Month) over the last couple of years, and has been writing poetry for many years.


How do Americans celebrate the day
That our nation with fireworks does display?
How can I be a part of all of this now
When my mind takes me back to the war somehow?

The sound of the sky rockets that cause all the glee
It sounds like mortar rounds to me
To all who smile at the beautiful sights in the sky
They look like tracer rounds through my eyes.

So how can others not see all of this?
Why can't they see my fears and paralysis?
How much more need I take?
How far can I go before I break?

Am I a rock so solid and strong?
NO, you make it so hard for me to go on!
I love our country beyond belief
But I can't handle this, I need relief.

How strong can I be… please let me be strong?
Sometimes I have the feeling I can't go on.
How strong do you think I can be
When the shots of hell are still inside of me?

So as I cower from the beautiful sights,
This 4th celebration… sometimes night after night.
Please remember I so want to be free -
I love my country, my flag
… Remember I gave my mind for thee.

Author's Note: This poem is written from statements my son has made about the 4th of July and fireworks