Ann-Marie Spittle


How can you measure the disappointment of a child
When it finds out the truth
When it knows what you truly are
Do you chase them and try to persuade them otherwise
Or do you let them go
And continue on your way
Heart gaping via newly created tears
That flap like unsecured tarpaulins in the wind of despair

You seek advice and are told they will return
But will they?
You were their everything
And now you are their nothing
And so you fall into a pit of despair
Wondering, waiting for their return

Time moves on, days becoming months, becoming years
And you wonder....
And then they are there again
And you are reborn
Running to them you throw your arms around them
And hug them madly
And this time they hug back
And then you see their eyes and you know
That they have seen life
And know that you did your best with what you had
And they finally understand