Ann-Marie Spittle


I didn’t do it, copy off a source that is, or copy off my friend,
Though it does look like that.

I did it all myself; there’s a mistake
Perhaps my referencing is faulty, can you check?

And so the excuses fly in the hearing room;
Why not the truth?
It gets them off more lightly
Unless the rule is goodbye and goodnight
Mostly just redo the work, or module, and pay up
You’re guilty as sin my little friend
Why not just give it up

But rather, you would sit there and lie right through your teeth
And cry and blame the other guy
Than tell the truth, you cheat

But guess what?
Here’s the punch line
We’ve had an expert in
He says you got it from the web
A source that’s paid for, see
So which of you put up the cash
To get your course to pass it?

The story changes

The assignment was quite hard
And I copied due to problems
I copied due to time
I needed to complete the assignment
Or my degree would not be sublime
I needed every credit to get this job I need
I really didn’t of it out of greed.

“I’m sorry,” say the panel, “but you just shot yourself in the foot.
You’ll have to redo the module and pay up pretty fast”

Too bad how sad

We’re sorry we had to do this but to break the rules is mad
If you had just worked like everyone else did
You’d not now have been punished
So let this be a lesson learnt
And next time hope you’re admonished.