Ann-Marie Spittle


She sits there like a goddess in the sun as rays of light glitter in her sunset coloured fur
Her eye is closed, the only one she has and up to her I creep while in her sleep she purrs
The birds all sing and fly about her head, but she doesn’t move
What fun I’ll have when on her fast I jump and see the groove
She’ll make a get away from me with stripy tail puffed up like a bottlebrush
And in the house I’ll quickly rush
To watch her look around with her good eye
To see who it was that jumped her from behind.
Slowly now, I move through blades of grass, and just as I am near her sleepy head…
“Ethan come in and get yourself fed”
And up gets Maggie with her baggy saggy belly
That wobbles like a watery jelly
And grins at me with that cat grin
That says I guess I win
But there’ll be a next time in the garden on the grass
In the sunshine I will pass
And wriggle like a snake until I jump on her and send her spinning in the air
Like a small furry ride in a fair
Then she won’t laugh just you wait!

Author’s Note: This poem is about my nephew Ethan, and his one eyed female Ginger tabby cat called Maggie