Ann-Marie Spittle


IWVPA Club Recognition of Outstanding Non-War Related Writing: April 10, 2007
Awarded: April 10, 2007
The dripping venom of a bitter life
Poisons more than the system of the one
It passes like a silent cloud
Into the lives of the surrounding children
Settling like mustard gas in their lungs
Denying them air to breath

But there are those who will not falter
Stand tall for what they believe
Know the truth when evil faces them
Upon the homeland battlefield
Where restraint camouflaged as freedom
Sits like a rock on the chest of the country

This human wall will not falter
But stand while anger beats its stone
Letting the missiles of a brainwashing pugilist
Slid off and blow away on the wind
While those whose hearts have been broken
Are safe from the barrage of lies

And where is God in all this?
Standing side by side
Holding the line with His heart
That the Devil may not enter
And destroy what hope is left
For those who have lost so hard

For evil destroys itself
While love regenerates
And reaches for itself and builds a wall
That supports and binds
Locks and loads
Stopping the hatred of the self haters
From spreading to far