Ann-Marie Spittle


I admit it
I am stubborn to a fault
And my Guardian angel knows it
And they must be firm
As a rider with a spirited horse
I have had to learn the hard way
Though there was an easy answer
But did I, or do I see it easily?
I’d have to say no
I worry over trifles
Yet sort out fears in a moment
That others would balk at
Makes no sense eh?
My hair turns grey and my face grows lines
And over what?
Everyday silliness of what others will think of me
Or say of me
Or brand me as

So today I gave that up
Brave you might say, or mad
But I gave it up
Because my angel made me
He pushed me to see that I was foolish
When I tried on the two tight outfit
Looked in the mirror and noticed the fat
But did I cry for my lost youth?
Not I. I laughed
And realised I was living a lie

For why worry if I’ve put on weight
When I have lived life to the full
Why worry if the young man disrespects me
For it will be his turn soon enough
I must place my energy to good use
Not waste it on bad rubbish
Wisdom of any kind
Should be imparted to those who wish to know
Not those who know it all
But their time will come soon enough

So I’ve given up the worrying
And the sleepless nights
For I know that my time will come as well
But I will do as Dylan says
And not go “quietly into that great good night”
But make a storm and ride the waves
And see the sunrise over the hills
And know that I have lived
And not said my should have, would have, could have’s
But do it and be damned
In a manner of speaking

The poem prompted the response, “In Search of Guidance” – ©Copyright June 14, 2005 by Robin Amy Bass