Ann-Marie Spittle


While you go through this dark time
I will hold your hand
I cannot take away this burden
But at least I can let you know
You are not alone
I am here
Always listening
For you must learn from this
Become the butterfly
For interference makes you weak
Makes you expect to many miracles
When you had the strength to overcome
By your own will

I will hold your hand
When you walk into the lion’s den
When others betray you
Hate you
Berate you
For though I cannot tell them to desist
For you are one of mine
I can be there
As you take the steps
That they would have fallen and faltered in

I will hold your hand
When death strikes
Loss beckons at your door
And when the darkness finally takes you
So that you will not be alone
When finally you are called back
To the very source that you came from

I will hold your hand
When you stand before your God
Whatever form you believe them to be
Stand beside you when the words are spoken
Stand beside you when fear overtakes you
Stand beside you wherever you are sent
For whatever reason
I will sing your praises to the zenith of heaven
For you tried your best
With the life you were given
And dared to make the journey with me
Holding your hand