Ann-Marie Spittle


Religious segregation
Decreed by a human hand
Deemed right under the laws of man
With soulless intent they act
Self-fulfilling prophecies of neglected youth
Who but for a drop of praise
Would have flowered

“I have killed in the name of God”
Cries the terrorist
As his hands drips innocent blood
And points at the soldier
“It is because of them I did it”
The solder merely shakes his head
And wonders when this will all end

Mothers cry in the night
As their children starve:
Only the Angel of Death hears their call
And gives them comfort
In a red tape world
Filled with speeches and lead feet
Only ravens and death reply

And where is God in all this?
Where He always is
Holding hands as the carer
Fighting wars as the solder
Feeding the hungry as the Red Cross worker
Not stories in a leather bound book
But human hearts filled with faith and hope

For darkness cannot destroy the light
But neither can it live without it
For each shows the others true nature
Forgive the darkness but do not forget it
Remember its nature and its purpose
As you would a scorpion or a snake
Whose natures never change
And so Governments come and go
And the world revolves
And humanity grows and shrinks
Ever the same, but sometimes different
Voices come and go
Bodies die and decay
But actions will always remain

Written for the October 2005 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Ordinance