Ann-Marie Spittle


This is not a small thing
As others may describe it
But then their hearts crave the world of the material
And I work from the heart
The centre of all that is
For like the water of life
That courses thorough all mankind
My love flows for all
No choices
No segregation
No preconceptions
Only service

Choosing implies betterment
And service sees none
Only support

Know that when you give your heart in service
You have been called to do so
In the hospitals
In the schools
On the battlefields of the world
All serve

The soldier who feels he has created a great evil
Has only done so if he has come from lack of love
For protecting those from an oppressor is a calling
Helping to remove those who would
Any part of the light
For there will be those who do this
And call it
These only seek to serve themselves
While true service is about inclusion
Of the self and others
Who may not be who you wish to serve
But service doesn’t work that way
For you must serve those who need you
Then let them go
For holding onto them is as harmful
As walking away in their time of need
Both act as a means of shrinking the self
Of stopping the other growing
For service also causes the server to grow
And to long an attachment causes stagnation

So serve because of love
Love because you can
Live because it is the right things to do
And always know you are supported and safe
No matter what others may say

Submitted for the June 2012 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Service