Ann-Marie Spittle


What price do we allow the wrong doers to get away
We let the do-gooders rule us
Rather than take a stand and stop them
And take back our dignity

At what price do we allow the bullies of this world to be
To be seen as misunderstood because of their lives
But I did not turn into one
Yet my life was no bed of roses

More like a dark wood

I demand we be able to stand for what we believe in
The attacked will see the attacker suffer
As they have
No holiday in the South of France with dolphins

I’d like a holiday like that

What message are we sending to the generations;
That evil gets you everything and hard work nothing
Attack your neighbour not love him
Because you’ll get better

Thou shalt kill and just get a slap on the hand
Become adulterers and disrespect your elders
Because it’s a world of me first! NOW!

But I want it different
And I want the children’s life different
Not so people will fear them, but love them
Not so that they live in fear, but in love

But while fear rules
Love dies
And anger grows
And hatred to
And me first become you last
And the soldier will stop and wonder
Was what he fought for worth it
And are we?

Author’s Note: This is a poem stating my view about a subject that makes me mad. There are a lot of young criminals in Britain getting the soft treatment because of their bad family life.