Ann-Marie Spittle


Many facets of the same diamond
Who together can cut through anything
And when apart still shine
Like North stars in their many skies
Lighting the way
For those travellers
Who have lost their path
Since the darkness filled their lives

They offer peace
From the barrage of now and before
And help release in the form of words
That which others have been unable to
In a way that strikes the heart of many

Family that fear not to hear your darkness
For true family accepts
And does not turn away
But tries to hear with their heart
And understand in their own way
So that the one relaying feels heard

Which is half the battle

Suddenly the pressure eases
A new day begins
Life normalises for that moment
With the click of a small mechanical rodent

Submitted for the March 2006 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “What IWVPA Means to Me