Ann-Marie Spittle and Friends


Veterans Honor Rose
The Veterans' Honor Rose
When dusk
of last twilight
is falling
we shall all
go home
when our time
has come
by the music
of mourning doves
Some arriving
just ahead of those

Part 1: ©Copyright January 5, 2006 by Faye Sizemore

Veterans Honor Rose

As the twilight
softly falls,
shadows through
the halls
A distant bell
softly chimes
measuring out
remaining time.
If we’re
fortunate, we
will not
When it tolls
to go…

Part 2: ©Copyright January 5, 2006 by Thurman P. Woodfork

Veterans Honor Rose

When the twilight
shows its face
my window’s
curtained lace –

I wonder where
my son will be
next Autumn far
across the sea

I close my eyes
and try to rest
I say a prayer
and do my best
to remember those

who toil in deserts,
stand guard for me –
and all of those who’ve gone
who fought
and bled in
some sad war;

As mourning doves
all shy and gray
start to call
the end of day

I close my eyes
and say goodnight
I would not want to hear the bell
that tolls my own
death’s future knell
When twilight comes
I search for peace
and pray life’s
injustices will cease.

Part 3: ©Copyright February 17, 2006 by Christina A. Sharik

Veterans Honor Rose

In the twilight of my years,
I hope not to live in fear of certain phrases.

May I not have to speak “If only…”
Or “I wish I had…”
Or “I should have…”
Or “It’s too bad I didn’t…”

I probably can’t avoid “Why did he…”
Or “Why didn’t she…”
Or “I wish they hadn’t…”
Those sometimes cloud my thoughts now.

Rather, may I live so I can say, “Oh, I’m so glad I…”
Or “Wasn’t it wonderful when…”
Or “I love remembering that…”
Or “What a great day that was when we…”

In the twilight of my years,
Let not the clouds hide the setting sun.

Part 4: ©Copyright February 18, 2006 by Karen Rice

Veterans Honor Rose

… I watch
the curtain of night
folding her arms
around another day.
Stars falling into dreams
that dance, and dance
and never go away.

I follow the wind
as it whispers
of death.
I dance
and dance,
… till I am out of breath

The Moon is a sail
set hard against the sky.
The wind lays a tear
in the corner my eye.

Sea of Moon!
Wind from the skies!
Fingers of silence… reaching
and…, tears in my eyes.

I wonder why?

Part 5: ©Copyright February 19, 2005 by Lou J. Klaiber

Veterans Honor Rose

When twilight glows
its last
deep embers
painted fiery red
my tormented soul
with nocturnal
Nightingale song
harmonious chords
on weary heartstrings
I shall welcome
eternal rest
by the supernal hand
for no more
will I have to
wonder… why?

Part 6: ©Copyright February 21, 2006 by Gary Jacobson

Veterans Honor Rose

as mist nymphs play
in gentle light
the wolf howls
in the night
for a time of dreaming
for a time of rest
a time of mystery
as a vermillion sky
bids the day
I sleep
remembering nothing

Part 7: ©Copyright February 22, 2006 by Colin F. Jones

Veterans Honor Rose

Russet embers
of a dying sun
Lost among clouds
the worlds winds down

Nocturnal hunters
awaken form sleep
for life giving catches

Rustles become ominous
light leaves
leaving only speculation
and ghostly shapes

by the shadows
of the end of the day

Veterans Honor Rose

With twilight come the sounds of night
Real, but only heard
By those who know to listen
For night feeders and the birds

Scratching feet and whooshing sounds
A piercing cry – a squawk
And those who know to listen
Hear each breath that is cut short

And in the dark’ning twilight comes
The thundering mares of night
And those who have to listen
Quake and cry in ancient fright

When twilight dissolves in blackness
And a frightened soul’s alone
Then those who must listen
Cringe at every haunting groan.

Part 9: ©Copyright March 26, 2006 by Anthony W. Pahl OAM